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California Assembly Democrats Deliver For All Californians This Legislative Session

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO—As the final gavel echoed through the Assembly chambers closing out the 2023 legislative year, Speaker Robert Rivas commended his colleagues on a productive and collaborative session, in which they tackled the most consequential issues facing Californians. 

“We have been unified, we have worked together effectively and, most importantly, we have delivered results for the 40 million Californians we serve,” Speaker Rivas said. 

The Assembly’s significant legislative accomplishments demonstrate urgent action in response to the critical issues of our time.

“We reached a groundbreaking deal to raise the minimum wage for tens of thousands of essential health-care workers to the highest for any state in the nation at $25 an hour,” Speaker Rivas said. “We passed a first-in-the-nation bill that furthers California’s longtime leadership in tackling the climate crisis and historic legislation to make our communities safer, standing up to gun manufacturers and responding to the tragic fentanyl crisis.”

The Assembly also unanimously passed legislation to combat sex trafficking and protect vulnerable children. It delivered several bills that accelerate affordable housing construction. And, the Legislature took bold and significant steps to modernize the state’s behavioral-health system.

“I’m also proud that we moved forward on two critically needed constitutional amendments to protect local communities and prevent special interests from abusing the ballot measure process,” Speaker Rivas said.

“Our Caucus came together to deliver real results for the people of California,” Speaker pro Tempore Cecilia Aguiar-Curry said. “People have talked about the Assembly’s historic diversity, from our smallest towns to our biggest cities, and we’re seeing that diversity of lived experience pays off in the impactful legislation we’ve sent to the Governor’s desk.”

“We came together this legislative session focused on the most pressing issues facing Californians. Today, we can celebrate the many legislative wins that will lead California toward a healthier, more equitable, and prosperous future,” Assembly Majority Leader Isaac Bryan said. “I am honored to fight alongside my many dedicated colleagues to pass these momentous pieces of legislation.”

Speaker Rivas recognized the commitment and dedication of staff and workers who make the legislative process seamless. “A special thanks to our incredibly hard-working legislative teams. I can’t say enough how essential your work is to our democracy,” he said. 

“I’m glad that, after this session, staff can unionize and collectively bargain,” Speaker Rivas added.

Earlier this year, when the new class of legislators arrived at the Capitol, news headlines championed their historic diversity, including a record number of women lawmakers; more Latino representation than ever; Muslim and Sikh legislators serving for the first time; and landmark representation by LGBTQ+ electeds.

Today, those Assemblymembers and Senators have delivered in a historic way, sending legislation to the Governor that provides thoughtful solutions to the critical issues facing all Californians. They are a testament to the diverse lived experiences and perspectives of all Californians.

“Serving as Speaker continues to be my greatest honor. I’m grateful to our members for their tireless dedication and commitment to our state. And, I’m confident that our productive work this session will be a model for the next,” Speaker Rivas concluded.