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2021 Legislation

2021 Legislation

AB 73 - Will protect farmworkers during unhealthy air quality caused by wildfires by providing PPE and address the challenges that wildfire smoke events create for employers.

AB 252 - Will create a grant program to support repurposing formerly irrigated agricultural land for less water-intensive uses like biodiversity conservation and more.

AB 271 - Will protect Valley communities from flooding and harm through a timely, safe, and expert retrofit of the Anderson Dam. 

AB 284 - Will identify best practices and strategies to ensure that our state is utilizing natural and working lands to sequester carbon and fight climate change. 

AB 303 - Will create a pilot program to test an alternative, straightforward approach to mariculture permitting without sacrificing the high environmental standards the industry currently achieves.

AB 361 - Will provide flexibilities to local agencies to meet remotely and for the public to participate remotely during emergencies that make in-person gatherings dangerous.

AB 377 - Will provide the State Water Boards with the strategy and tools needed to eliminate impaired waterways and make all waters statewide suitable for conversion to drinking water, swimmable, and fishable by 2050.

AB 415 – Will establish a workers’ compensation presumption for specified fire department mechanics and service technicians who develop cancer while working with known carcinogens on the job.

AB 434 - Will help prevent catastrophic wildfires by allowing managed grazing on state lands.

AB 568 - Will establish a public database of our state’s early learning and care programs to identify and address racial equity gaps for our state’s youngest leaners. 

AB 1099 - Will codify President Joe Biden’s federal environmental equity action by setting aside 40% of funding allocations approved by the Legislature to underserved communities. 

AB 1110 - Will create a single point of contact within state government to help local agencies navigate and gain access to technical assistance and incentive programs for zero-emission vehicles. 

AB 1140 - Will clarify the jurisdiction and responsibilities of the Foster Care Ombudsperson to provide oversight of the welfare of unaccompanied immigrant children in state-licensed childcare settings.

AB 1144 - Will update California’s outdated cottage food laws by raising the sales limit for “Class A” and “Class B” Cottage Food Operations.

AB 1322 - Will empower city councils to suspend locally enacted constraints on housing development that conflict with state law, while minimizing cities’ exposure to litigation risk and uncertainty.