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Assemblymember Robert Rivas Urges Governor Gavin Newsom to Sign AB 2234, Legislation to Improve Transparency and Predictability in the Building Permit Process

For immediate release:

Sacramento, CA—On Thursday, Assembly Bill 2234 (Asm. Robert, Rivas D-Salinas) passed out of the California Legislature and is heading to the Governor’s desk.

AB 2234, authored by Assemblymembers Robert Rivas (D-Salinas) and Tim Grayson (D-Concord) will create a framework for local governments to process residential building permits more efficiently and cost-effectively. AB 2234 applies only to building permits issues after the planning process has concluded and all environmental reviews are complete.

“California is facing an estimated housing shortage of 3 million homes,” said Assemblymember Robert Rivas. “Many new housing projects throughout the state are held up due to a confusing and inconsistent building permit processing. Delays in home-building result in higher costs passed along to eventual homeowners. Housing security is vital to the California Dream, and without available quality and affordable housing, many residents are struggling economically. We need to implement every tool possible to improve housing affordability across the state.”

“The Housing Action Coalition is proud to partner with SVLG and Assemblymembers Rivas and Grayson to simplify and accelerate the post-entitlement home building permitting process,” said Housing Action Coalition Executive Director Corey Smith. “AB 2234 will enhance transparency, accountability, and communication between city governments and home builders and ensure that housing for residents of all income levels moves forward more efficiently."

“AB 2234 establishes a concrete timeline to ensure that much-needed housing development – especially those that will improve access to more affordable units – can proceed expeditiously through the permitting process once approved at the local level.  It’s a prime example of the type of innovative public-private housing solutions that we will continue building upon," said Ahmad Thomas, CEO of SVLG.