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New legislation aims to ease welfare-to-work rules for single new California parents

Source: Salinas Californian

"As the son of a single mother myself, I strongly believe that we should be creating policies that promote better child care, not take parents away from their children during the most formative years," he said. "My mom worked three jobs and went to night school to secure a brighter future for my brother and I. Luckily we lived with our grandparents who provided the support we needed while our mom was away – many single mothers don’t have the support they need.”

State officials are at work to make the life easier for single new parents relying on welfare.

Assembly Bill 1728, introduced by Assemblymembers Robert Rivas (D-Salinas) and Blanca Rubio (D-Baldwin Park), would automatically make single parents receiving CalWORKs benefits exempt from having to fulfill “welfare-to-work” program requirements for the first three years of their child’s life.