Speaker Rendon Joins Governor in Fresno for Signing of Historic Climate Change Legislation

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

(Fresno, CA) – California State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) joined other legislators and Governor Jerry Brown in Fresno for the signing of four pieces of climate change legislation that ensures the Golden State continues to be a global leader in the reduction of greenhouse gases. This package of legislation allocates $900 million in cap-and-trade funds, while ensuring the funds will benefit disadvantaged communities.

“While the ultimate goal of cap-and-trade is to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and not to generate revenue, wisely investing the funds that do come from cap-and-trade can help us meet California’s emission reduction goals,” said Speaker Rendon at the bill signing ceremony in downtown Fresno. “The bills signed embody the aggressive and responsible approach we are taking in spending cap-and-trade funds to ensure that Californians in underserved communities – and communities most impacted by air quality problems – benefit from these investment.”

Speaker Rendon and the Governor were flanked by climate change legislation authors Assemblymember Autumn Burke (D-Inglewood) and Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez (D-Los Angeles). Local Assemblymember Joaquin Arambula (D-Fresno) was also in attendance. Watch this Assembly Access Video to hear more from Speaker Rendon. http://www.asmdc.org/Speaker