Speaker Anthony Rendon joins Governor Jerry Brown in raising California's minimum wage to $15

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

(Los Angeles) — California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount), Senate President pro Tempore Kevin DeLeon, fellow legislators, and triumphant workers and labor leaders from across California joined Governor Jerry Brown for the signing of Senate Bill 3, legislation that will increase the state minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022 — the highest in the nation.  “It’s a strong statement that in California we believe in keeping our word and honoring our social contract – if you work full time, your family shouldn’t have to live in poverty,” Speaker Rendon said of this historic legislation, which brought a victory in the “Fight for $15” to America’s most populous state.  When fully enacted, 86% of Californians will live in counties where the minimum wage places a family of three at or above the Supplemental Poverty Measure.  See Speaker Rendon’s full remarks in this Assembly Access video.