Speaker Rendon Leads Historic Minimum Wage Legislation in California

(Sacramento) – The California State Assembly passes Senate Bill 3, historic legislation that would gradually raise the state minimum wage to $15 an hour by the year 2022. Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) spearheaded the effort with his legislative colleagues, which would make California’s minimum wage the highest in the nation “We know that some who work full-time cannot put a roof over their heads or a meal on the table,” said Speaker Rendon. “Today, the California Legislature sent the strong message that if you work full time, your family shouldn’t have to live in poverty. Eight of the nine cities I represent have more than 20% of their residents living in poverty. This bill will change that reality for tens of thousands of families.”

Watch this Assembly Access Video to hear more of Speaker Rendon’s comments on the Assembly Floor regarding SB 3.