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February R-Guide

Happy February! This February we are celebrating history, learning about our recent Winter storms, visiting our SELA Little Libraries, and taking a look at some of the things we did in January. Read all about it in this month's R-Guide.

Black History Month

Black History Month

In February, we celebrate Black History Month!

Not only in February, but everyday, it is important to take the time and opportunity to understand Black history. History that also goes beyond the stories of racism and slavery to highlight Black achievement and success.

This year's theme for Black History Month is "Black Resistance", which "is a call to everyone, to reflect and study the history of Black Americans’ responses to establish safe spaces, where Black life can be sustained, fortified, and respected. (Association for the Study of African American Life and History)."

Here are some ways to honor Black History Month:

  1. Support Black-Owned Businesses
  2. Learn About Notable Black Figures
  3. Support Organizations That Support Anti-Racism, Equity and Equality
  4. Purchase, Read, and Share Books by Black Authors
  5. Listen to or Read "The 1619 Project" by the New York Times:

Little Libraries in AD62

In 2021, my District team and I were successfully able to bring Little Libraries to SELA! Since then, the Little Libraries have brought more reading and been enjoyed by our communities.

For the next couple of weeks, in an effort to keep our Little Libraries and reading in SELA strong, we're adding some special books from amazing authors and illustrators.

Please follow my social media for highlight posts to find out what books we're adding. Go find your nearest Little Library, get a book, and let your little ones experience the magic of a good story!

Little Libraries flyer

California Storms & Atmospheric Rivers

With all the heavy rain and flooding across our state this Winter, you may have seen the words "atmospheric river" come up on the news. But what really are atmospheric rivers? And what can you do to be prepared?

What is an atmospheric river?
Atmospheric rivers are massive currents of water vapor in the atmosphere that carry water from the warm, humid, tropic towards the cold poles. Because of this, some routes are nicknamed the "pineapple express".

Atmospheric rivers are large - they can carry water for thousands of miles. They often carry much more water than "normal" rivers on land!

How do they form?
Near the equator, there is lots of sun and lots of water (key elements of many famous tropical beaches!). The heat from the sun causes water to evaporate into the atmosphere (hello, humidity). This humid air rises to form a channel in the sky over 200 feet wide and soars away from the tropics, carried by wind towards the colder and less humid poles.

To understand why atmospheric rivers cause rain, remember that "warm air rises, cold air sinks". When an atmospheric river hits California, mountain ranges force the current of water vapor to travel higher, into colder temperatures. When the water vapor cools, it falls as rain or snow.

In California, almost half of all precipitation comes from atmospheric rivers. This can be from either heavy storms or mild rain showers.

Atmospheric river chart
Photo: NOAA

What can you do to be prepared?

  • Learn about your community's emergency plans, warning signals, evacuation routes and locations of emergency shelters.
  • Inform local authorities about any special needs, i.e., elderly or bedridden people or anyone with a disability.
  • Plan and practice a flood evacuation route with your family. Ask an out-of-state relative or friend to be the "family contact" in case your family is separated during a flood. Make sure everyone in your family has their contact information.

The California Department of Public Health website has Emergency Preparedness information for a variety of conditions including floods and power outages. Learn more here.

@rendon62nd in January

Assembly Chambers

Back in Sacramento to begin our 2023-2024 legislative session. Let's get to work.

Gov. Newsom and family at inauguration

Congratulations to California Governor Gavin Newsom on your inauguration! Looking forward to our continued partnership in making California a better state for all.

Speaker Rendon speaking at the California Black Caucus Breakfast Celebration

Grateful for the opportunity to honor Dr. King's legacy yesterday at the California Black Caucus Breakfast Celebration. "Make a career of humanity. Commit yourself to the noble struggle for equal rights. You will make a better person of yourself, a greater nation of your country, and a finer world to live in." - Dr. King

Collage of Asm. Schiavo and Asm. Boerner Horvath swearing-in events

I was delighted to swear in two of my incredible colleagues in their districts yesterday. First Asm. Pilar Schiavo, who brings a wealth of knowledge & dedication to her constituents. She's wasting no time and has already hit the ground running on our leadership team.

I also headed to Del Mar to swear in my wonderful colleague Asm. Tasha Boerner Horvath. She has served the people of San Diego County with knowledge and heart since her first day in office, and has already done so much for the people of California. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Books within a Little Library

I love reading to Vienna every night and know that making it a part of our nighttime routine will have a lasting and positive impact.

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