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Speaker Rendon with constituents at event
Issue 41

Speaker's Note

Speaker Rendon playing with daughter

Happy August! The Assembly has been in Summer Recess and being back home in SELA these past few weeks has been really exciting. I like coming home and spending more time in the community I serve. Some big things happened before I came back to #AD63, like the passing of the state budget, one of the biggest and most progressive budgets ever seen in the country. This is a win we should all be proud of, especially for what this will bring to SELA!

#AD63 Budget Victories

Map of District 63

I'm very proud and grateful of the work we did in the Assembly to help deliver for all Californians in need.

This budget also means a lot of investments for #AD63.

Over $270 million will be going to Southeast Los Angeles.

One of the biggest wins I'm most proud of is the $250 million going to rebuild Lynwood High School. I'm extremely happy that we had the opportunity to secure this funding. I'm grateful that I could play an important role in budgeting, so we could make sure our students will have a high quality and safe facility in the future.

We were also able to secure...

  • $7.7 million for #AD63 parks!
  • $15 million for the Southeast Los Angeles Cultural Arts Center.
  • $900,000 for the Lynwood Bike Trails and Water Quality Improvement Project.
  • $200,000 for the Lakewood Family YMCA Capital Improvements.
  • $2 million for the West Santa Ana Branch Bikeway Project.

Apart from these specific #AD63 investments, I'm also really proud of this budget because it will provide tax rebates for millions of Californians, Medi-cal access regardless of immigration status, historic money for education and major investments in housing, infrastructure, and more.

This is a big deal and something for us to really celebrate. I'm so proud to be able to help deliver these funds for our district.

California's Assembly Foodie & Certificate of Culinary Excellence

Dad has always been my best and most favorite title. Nothing has been able to become close to topping that, but one that comes at a close second is "California's Assembly Foodie."

In case you missed it, my friend Gustavo Arellano at the Los Angeles Times wonderfully expressed my passion and love for food!

Read it here:

I definitely give credit for my love of food to all of the amazing #AD63 businesses. We have foods from all around the world here and it has allowed me to grow my appreciation for different cultures and art of cuisines.

In honor of celebrating and recognizing these delicious foods, I've begun recognizing these businesses with Certificates of Culinary Excellence. These are some of the places we have recognized so far:

  • La Casita Mexicana - Bell @casitamex
    Food items from La Casita Mexicana
  • Tacos el Tapatio - Lakewood @tacos_el_tapatio
    Food items from Tacos el Tapatio
  • Cake & Coffee House - South Gate @cakecoffeehouse
    Pastry and drink from Cake & Coffee House
  • Egg N Bird - Maywood @eggnbird
    Food items from Egg N Bird
  • Tacos El Compa - Maywood @tacoselcompaest.1995
    Food items from Tacos El Compa

Make sure to give them a visit! Also let me know what other places I should visit!

@Rendon63rd in July

Speaker Rendon's daughter receiving plant | staffer serving food to constituents

Speaker Rendon with staffers at park

#AD63 Summer BBQ

Speaker Rendon's daughter places unicorn toy on swing in playground

Fun in the park at sunset. Summer is the best.

Speaker Rendon with student backpack recipients

I had a great time giving out backpacks to our #AD63 students at the LA Care Health & Blue Shield Promise Community Resource Centers Back To School giveaway event! Every student received a free backpack filled with school supplies.

Speaker Rendon on stage at podium, speaking

I was honored to speak at a celebration lunch for the @specialolympicsnca a few weeks back.

Speaker Rendon with Think Together program participants

I was excited to have the opportunity to visit the Think Together Lynwood Summer Program. In the #CABudget, $4 billion for before/after/summer programming, which will benefit programs like Think Together. We're lucky to have this amazing program here in #AD63.

Speaker Rendon with wife and daughter

Fun with the family in my Capitol Office!

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