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Speaker Rendon with daughter at park
Issue 40

Speaker's Note

Summer has arrived here in SELA. I hope everyone is staying safe and cool in the increasing heat. With the fun and excitement that comes with summer in California, we also need to stay protected and healthy as the temperatures rise.

In this July R-Guide, we highlight a new Paramount Art Project, Maywood's Egg N Bird, and in case you missed them, some @rendon63rd highlights from June.

Paramount Art Project

four volunteers posing in front of Community Center

Last month, the City of Paramount revealed new artwork decorating the side of its Community Center in Paramount Park.

The mosaic named "Brilliance of Community," was created by a team of 11 artists alongside Piece by Piece, a non-profit organization that supports individuals in the Skid Row and South Los Angeles neighborhoods who have transitioned into permanent supportive housing.

Through free workshops that offer certificate training, Piece by Piece empowers community members who have experienced homelessness or economic insecurity the opportunity to earn supplemental income and contribute to the city's public art and commissions.

Paramount is the first municipality outside of the City of Los Angeles to work with this group for a project! "Brilliance of Community" is also the 65th piece in Paramount's public art collection.

"The Community Center, which is also the site of our Senior Center, is one of our most popular public buildings," said Paramount Mayor Vilma Cuellar Stallings. "Now everyone coming inside will pass this very special image. We thank Piece by Piece and all of the talented artists who produced this beautiful work."

I'm excited to see the growth and vitality of #AD63 art! Thank you to the City of Paramount for engaging in this great and necessary partnership.

SELA Highlight: Egg N Bird

Egg N Bird building

Three photos of Egg N Bird food items

Not only does this business provide a great location to host my regular Community Coffee events but it also has some great food!

Located in our #AD63 City of Maywood, Egg N Bird was established in January 2021. Fun fact, the founders of Egg N Bird are also the founders of Yogurtland. As mentioned on their website, the idea of Egg N Bird was hatched on the simple idea of offering delicious food at an amazing value while at the same time bringing people "together in flavor, community, and in all that we do."

I'm grateful to represent a district that is uplifted by businesses, like Egg N Bird, who incorporate community and serving others into their mission.

I can confirm Egg N Bird has delicious food and a great place to visit if you haven't yet.

Read more about Egg N Bird here: https://www.eggnbird.com/our-story

Check out the craving inducing photos of their food on their Instagram @eggnbird

@rendon63rd in June

Volunteers in front of the new Ellen Ochoa Learning Center sign

"I felt like an artist. It made me feel happy."

One of the kids expressed this at the student-art installations unveiling at the Ellen Ochoa Learning Center in Cudahy.

This is why art is so important. Thank you to Turn Around Arts California and Budding Artists for always bringing the arts to our #AD63 youth!

Speaker Rendon speaking to constituents inside of Horachateria Rio Luna

I had so much fun at our Community Coffee event in Paramount. Thanks to everyone who came out to chat, and to Horachateria Rio Luna for hosting us.

Where in #AD63 should we host our next event?

Speaker Rendon's wife, Annie Lam, on cover of VoyageLA

My wife Annie has dedicated her entire career to uplifting others. She's the best person I know. Read her story with VoyageLA here: http://voyagela.com/interview/conversations-with-annie-lam

Speaker Rendon at podium, speaking to attendees

I was excited to speak at the Select Committee on Poverty and Economic Inclusion Rally.

It was critical to form this committee, because poverty is an issue that impacts too many Californians, and that needs to end. I'm excited for the work this committee will do, and to see the positive change that will come from it.

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