Speaker Rendon Announces Appointment of Ramon Rubalcava to CalPERS Board

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO — Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) today announced the appointment of Ramon Rubalcava to the California Public Employees Retirement System Board of Administration.

“Ramon Rubalcava has the experience and commitment to ensure that CalPERS protects the retirement security workers have earned,” Rendon said. “I know he will be an effective leader on the Board.”

Rubalcava, 61, of South Pasadena, is member benefits director at SEIU Local 721. He was appointed January 31, 2018 to a term that expires January 15, 2020. Compensation is $100 per diem. This position is a joint appointment of the Speaker of the Assembly and the Senate Rules Committee.

"SEIU members applaud the appointment of Ramon Rubalcava to the PERS Board,” said Roxanne Sanchez, President of SEIU California and SEIU Local 1021. “His deep expertise and his 20 years of dedication to retirement security for working Californians make him an excellent choice for this post."

“The California School Employees Association lauds Speaker Rendon’s appointment of Ramon Rubalcava to the CalPERS Board of Administration,” said CSEA President Ben Valdepena. “Ramon has the experience, background and knowledge to be an effective guardian of the retirement benefits of CSEA members and the other members of the system.”

Website of Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon: https://speaker.asmdc.org/