Speaker Rendon Statement on Trump Immigration Executive Orders

For immediate release:

Speaker Rendon Statement on Trump Immigration Executive Orders

SACRAMENTO — Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) released the following statement after Donald Trump issued several executive orders related to immigration:

“Here in California we are concerned that these policies are based more on campaign buzzwords than on legal and economic realities.

“The language is so broad that mass deportations are likely without real due process. Sanctuary cities were established to make communities safer and free up law enforcement for real crimes. Our cities can’t afford to shift law enforcement resources to help track down law-abiding individuals. Our agricultural industry and other economic sectors, businesses large and small, depend on an immigrant workforce. If those businesses suffer, the national economy will suffer, too, and that’s all on Trump.

“It’s sad Donald Trump thinks these executive orders make America safer, and it’s sad he thinks they make America better.

“These orders are exactly why the Legislature is taking steps to help immigrants with access to legal counsel to ensure due process. We’re also examining ways the state can aid sanctuary cities, and that’s an area we believe former Attorney General Holder and the Covington law firm can also be helpful.”

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