Statement from Speaker Rendon on Landmark Minimum Wage Passage

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Landmark Minimum Wage Bill Will Fuel State’s Growth Says Speaker Rendon

SACRAMENTO—Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) released the following statement after the Assembly passed SB 3, legislation that raises California’s minimum wage to $15 an hour – the highest statewide minimum wage in the nation:

“One of the most basic elements of our social contract and one of the ideas upon which our society is based is the fundamental notion that if you get a job and work hard you will be able to support your family. While California’s economy is growing, some of our hardest-working Californians have been left behind. California’s economic benefits must be shared by the people whose hard work is helping fuel our growth.

“We know that some who work full-time cannot put a roof over their heads or a meal on the table. Today, the California Legislature sent the strong message that if you work full time, your family shouldn’t have to live in poverty. Eight of the nine cities I represent have more than 20% of their residents living in poverty. This bill will change that reality for tens of thousands of families.”

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Remarks from Speaker Rendon on the floor of the State Assembly just prior to the vote to pass SB 3.  (1:43)

Speaker Rendon says passage of the minimum wage legislation is good news for all Californians. (:32)

Speaker Rendon says the minimum wage increases will be implemented over a span of several years. (:16)