Governor Signs Bill To Help Deliver Clean Water and Governance To Maywood

For immediate release:

Sacramento, CA – Assembly Bill 240 by Assembly Member Anthony Rendon was signed by Governor Brown.  AB 240 addresses the water quality problems in the 63rd Assembly district by requiring mutual water companies like those that that deliver water to Maywood’s residents to comply with the Brown Act and the Public Records Act—two icons of public agency law.

Mutual water companies have relatively little public oversight.  As a result, the residents of Maywood have no idea what their water provider is doing to clean the water that they drink, cook and bathe in.  AB 240 treats water mutuals like other public water agencies and requires more open access for the residents. 
More importantly, AB 240 makes $1 million available from the state to help fund efforts to provide clean water to the residents of Maywood.

“The residents of Maywood have had to drink, cook and bathe in dirty water for too long.” stated Assembly Member Anthony Rendon. “AB 240 gives local residents the ability to monitor the companies that deliver their water and brings $1 million into the district to make sure our residents get cleaner water.”