Speaker Rendon Statement on Signing of Cap-and-Trade Expenditure Plan

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cap and trade expenditure plan praised by Speaker Rendon

FRESNO—Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) released the following statement after the signing of legislation on cap-and-trade funds:

"While the ultimate goal of cap-and-trade is to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and not to generate revenue, wisely investing the funds that do come from cap-and-trade can help us meet California's emission reduction goals. The bills signed today embody the aggressive and responsible approach we are taking in spending cap-and-trade funds to ensure that Californians in underserved communities – and communities most impacted by air quality problems – benefit from these investments."

Website of Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon: www.asmdc.org/speaker

Links to audio of Speaker Rendon and Assemblymembers Arambula, Burke and Gomez:

Open remarks from Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon

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