An Open Letter to Californians

Thursday, January 19, 2017

An Open Letter to Californians

An Open Letter to Californians

Today marks the inauguration of a new president and we, as legislators in California, pause briefly to witness the event. While our goals differ from the incoming administration, we will waste no time in lament because we are intent upon our work for California.

Less than 20 miles from the State Capitol, the American Bald Eagle has been spotted in the wild. Its comeback from endangered status is symbolic, not only of California's commitment to the environment, but symbolic, too, of our commitment to continue the struggle against injustice. That's a struggle that began with the founding of the country that eagle represents.

We will continue to honor our commitments to the people of California. The California contract is a promise to ourselves and to one another that we will build a sustainable economy, environment and society that doesn't just protect the wealthy or the powerful, but instead will benefit every Californian and benefit from every Californian.

To do that, we have to cement the gains we have made and build on their foundation. Our list of gains and goals is long, precisely because it is of, by and for all the people. We will stand by what we have achieved, and we will stand for further progress where it is needed, on every one of these issues:

  • Safe and efficient transportation to move people and the goods they need.
  • Affordable housing, available near to where people work.
  • Fair and adequate funding for quality public education, to allow every child to thrive and contribute to our state.
  • A vibrant economy providing jobs that are fairly compensated and safe, with the right to organize.
  • Clean air in every neighborhood, clean water to drink, clean power for our needs, and a clean environment in which to live.
  • Equal protection at the ballot box, in employment, in access to public facilities, in housing, and in our most personal relationships and identities.
  • A system of justice that protects the public in all communities, without abuses to any.
  • Welcoming all Californians, whether they are born here or have come as refugees and immigrants.
  • Healthful food and quality health care – including reproductive health care – that is affordable and accessible to all.
  • Protection of retirement security.
  • Freedom of information.

We join together on these issues today, knowing that we have much to achieve, but knowing that our chances of success are bolstered by the scope of what we are working for. Each piece is essential to a complete California dream. Our unity becomes our strength when each individual and each group commits to supporting these goals.

Our commitment to this social contract is what makes our state a leader. California is more than a great place to live; it is a great source of innovation and an unrivaled economic engine. And so, for the next four years and beyond, we will work to be a light to the nation.

Democratic Members of CA Assembly

Jim Wood

District 02

Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

District 04

Kevin McCarty

District 07

Ken Cooley

District 08

Jim Cooper

District 09

Marc Levine

District 10

Susan Eggman

District 13

Timothy S. Grayson

District 14

Tony Thurmond

District 15

David Chiu

District 17

Rob Bonta

District 18

Phil Ting

District 19

Bill Quirk

District 20

Kevin Mullin

District 22

Marc Berman

District 24

Kansen Chu

District 25

Ash Kalra

District 27

Evan Low

District 28

Mark Stone

District 29

Anna M. Caballero

District 30

Dr. Joaquin Arambula

District 31

Monique Limón

District 37

Raul Bocanegra

District 39

Chris Holden

District 41

Laura Friedman

District 43

Jacqui Irwin

District 44

Matthew Dababneh

District 45

Adrin Nazarian

District 46

Eloise Gómez Reyes

District 47

Blanca E. Rubio

District 48

Ed Chau

District 49

Richard Bloom

District 50

Jimmy Gomez

District 51

Freddie Rodriguez

District 52

Miguel Santiago

District 53

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas

District 54

Eduardo Garcia

District 56

Ian C. Calderon

District 57

Cristina Garcia

District 58

Reggie Jones-Sawyer

District 59

Sabrina Cervantes

District 60

Jose Medina

District 61

Autumn Burke

District 62

Speaker Anthony

District 63

Mike A. Gipson

District 64

Al Muratsuchi

District 66

Patrick O'Donnell

District 70

Todd Gloria

District 78

Shirley Weber

District 79

Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher

District 80