CAPITOL PINK OUT DAY 2017: A Rally for Planned Parenthood

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

CAPITOL PINK OUT DAY 2017: A Rally for Planned Parenthood

Members of the Legislature, Creator of “Girls” Lena Dunham, speak out against House Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan to defund Planned Parenthood.

(Sacramento) - Members of the California Legislative Women’s Caucus, Speaker of the California State Assembly Anthony Rendon, Senate President pro Tempore Kevin De León, dozens of other lawmakers and the creator and star of the HBO program “Girls” Lena Dunham rallied today at the State Capitol to support the quality preventive and reproductive care that Planned Parenthood provides to both men and women.

Capitol Pink Out Day 2017 supports access to quality healthcare, but it’s about so much more. It’s about women, from all walks of life, having control over their healthcare choices and their bodies, and having those very personal choices respected. The reality is this: Men don’t have to worry about the government coming between the health decisions they make with their doctor.

“Planned Parenthood provides millions of women, men, and young people the health care and reproductive services they need. Defunding Planned Parenthood means denying potentially lifesaving care and it would prevent young people from getting information and resources they need on how to prevent pregnancies or STDs,” stated Speaker Rendon.

Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, Chair of the Legislative Women's Caucus said, “Nobody is out there telling men they shouldn’t be using condoms or condemning vasectomies. Instead we have lawmakers, a majority of them men, using their elected power to trample on our rights to decide what is best for us. If congress was full of people who have had to worry about being pregnant, whether that is preventing it or getting the care that is needed to ensure a healthy one, we wouldn’t be arguing about this.”

“Planned Parenthood provides critical services that help to keep our loved ones, families and communities healthy. Of the patients that Planned Parenthood has served in California, 87% are women and 13% are men. If Planned Parenthood served 87% of men, lawmakers across the country would likely not be fighting to defund their health care and other vital services." said Senator Connie M. Leyva, Vice Chair of the Legislative Women's Caucus.

Senator Kevin De León, President pro Tempore of the Senate added, “California won't cede one inch on women's rights or access to reproductive healthcare, and women across this country should demand no less of their leaders in Washington. I stand -- and will always stand -- with Planned Parenthood."

Pink Out Day is also about protecting the progress that has been made to ensure that all people, men and women, have complete control over their bodies and their health. Preserving recent advancements like the Reproductive FACT Act of 2015 (AB 775), by Assemblymember Autumn Burke or AB 154 (2013), authored by Senator Toni Atkins, which expanded access and SB 1053 by Senator Holly Mitchell that required health plans to provide coverage for all prescribed and FDA-approved female contraceptives. Now, more than ever, is the time to protect and continue to expand on previous gains championed by Women's Caucus members for all of California's women.

The Legislative Women’s Caucus represents and advocates on behalf of the diverse interests of women, children and families throughout California. It seeks to increase participation and representation of women in state government. Members of the Legislative Women’s Caucus seek to promote sound legislative policies and budget priorities that will improve the well-being of women, children and families and to work cooperatively with local, state and national women’s organizations interested in advancing policies to achieve these same objectives.

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Links to audio of from the PinkOut rally:

Remarks from Speaker Rendon at today’s PinkOut Rally for Planned Parenthood. (1:31)

Remarks from Legislative Women’s Caucus Chair Assemblymember Cristina Garcia at today’s PinkOut rally for Planned Parenthood. (5:32)

Actress Lena Dunham tells the crowd at today’s PinkOut rally for Planned Parenthood the fight for women’s rights must continue. (:13)

Actress Lena Dunham tells the crowd at today’s PinkOut rally that defunding Planned Parenthood will hurt women who are least able to fight back. (:17)

Actress Lena Dunham tells the crowd at today’s PinkOut rally for Planned Parenthood the fight in California will send a message to the rest of the country. (:26)

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