Legislative Caucuses

Legislative Women's Caucus

The Legislative Women's Caucus represents and advocates on behalf of the diverse interests of women, children and families throughout California. It seeks to increase participation and representation of women in state government. The bipartisan and bicameral Legislative Women's Caucus aims to promote sound legislative policies and budget priorities that will improve the well being of women, children and families and to work cooperatively with local, state and national women's organizations interested in advancing policies to achieve these same objectives.

Legislative Outdoor Sporting Caucus

The California Legislative Outdoor Sporting Caucus was established to protect and promote California's wildlife, their habitats, and the ability of the public to participate in wildlife-related recreational activities. It emphasizes wildlife-related activities that bring us in closer contact with and promote a greater appreciation of California's natural resources. As a bipartisan, bi-cameral group, the caucus' goal is to further the understanding and acceptance of outdoor activities throughout the state.

Legislative Rural Caucus

The bipartisan, bicameral Rural Caucus addresses policy issues and concerns of rural areas and communities in California. The needs of rural areas are, at times, different than those communities located in more populated areas. Rural legislators are in the minority in terms of numbers compared to legislators that represent urban areas. Representation by the Rural Caucus serves to ensure a voice for rural communities, which will be a focal point and direct avenue for rural residents and organizations to carry their message, concerns and needs to the entire California State Legislature.

Legislative Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Caucus

This Caucus, which was formed 2002, presents a forum for the California Legislature to discuss issues that affect Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Californians and to further the goal of equality and justice for all Californians. Formation of the LGBT Caucus makes California the first state in the country to recognize an official caucus of openly-LGBT state legislators.

Legislative Environmental Caucus

The bipartisan, bicameral Legislative Environmental Caucus develops legislative strategies to improve California's air and water quality, protect our precious natural resources, and encourage and create incentives to achieve a sustainable "green" vision for California's future. This caucus is committed to environmental justice, and to getting toxic chemicals and other contaminants out of our air, food and water.

Legislative Blue Ribbon Commission on Autism

The Legislative Blue Ribbon Commission on Autism was established through a bipartisan legislative resolution in 2005 without a dissenting vote. Its goal is to have direct impact on the needs of children and adults with autism spectrum disorders. While the Senate President Pro Tem chairs the Commission, members are appointed by both the Senate President Pro Tem and the Assembly Speaker. The Commission currently has 16 members.

Legislative Black Caucus

The bicameral California Legislative Black Caucus represents and advocates for the interests of African Americans throughout California. It seeks to increase African American participation and representation in all levels of government. Since the formation of the California Legislative Black Caucus (LBC), the core mission of the LBC has been to close (and, ultimately, to eliminate) disparities that exist between African Americans and white Americans in every aspect of life.

Latino Legislative Caucus

The Latino Legislative Caucus, which has existed since 1973, is committed to addressing issues that affect all Californians. The Caucus agenda is to ensure that California's Latino community has an increasingly positive and dynamic influence on the diverse economic, social and political body that is California. It supports public policy research that will help create robust public dialogue on critical issues that affects the Latino community.

Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus

The bicameral Asian Pacific Islander (API) Legislative Caucus seeks to increase Asian Pacific Islander participation and representation in all levels of government. The Caucus works to ensure the API community has equal access to education, social services, health, mental health, and other government programs and services. Functioning as a critical swing vote in this state and several others, it is an exciting and politically significant time for the API community.