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If you have been collecting unemployment benefits due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your claim may have expired or may expire soon.

The Good News is that benefits are still available, but you must reapply.

What You Need to Know

Unemployment insurance claims last for 12 months after they are filed. This is called the benefit year. If you became unemployed when businesses closed or reduced staff in March 2020, your benefit year is over.

What You Can Do

  • You must file a new claim if you are still unemployed, even with a federal extension or have money left on your claim.
  • The easiest way to file is online through the Employment Development Department website.
  • If you apply online, you will be sent to a website where you can upload a selfie for verification of your identity.
  • All claims will be reviewed for fraud prevention.

Does Everyone Need to File a New Claim?

If your benefit year has ended, you must file a new claim if unemployed and have one of these claims:

  • Regular state unemployment
  • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation extension
  • Federal-State Extended Duration extension

If you have Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), you do not need to file a new claim, since EDD automatically checks these for eligibility at the end of the benefit year. PUA was for people, such as contractors, not eligible for regular unemployment benefits.

Find information on PUA and PUEC extensions.

How Do I Check Whether My Benefit Year Has Ended?

There are three ways:

  1. EDD should notify you when your benefit year is about to end. This notification includes information on how to file a new claim.
  2. You can log onto your Unemployment Insurance Online account and view your claim summary.
  3. You can refer to your Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award (Form DE429Z) for your claim ending date.

What Happens When I File a New Claim?

  • The EDD will let you know if you qualify and what steps to take.
  • If you qualify, the EDD is required to move you to a new claim. If not, EDD may add a federal extension to your claim.
  • You will receive an email and text from EDD when your claim is processed. This usually takes two to three weeks.
  • You may receive a notice saying that your new claim is not valid, but you may still receive benefits. You may qualify for a federal extension. If so, that notice will arrive separately.

Where Can I Learn More About This?

Visit the Department's Benefit Year End page and watch the Ask Eddy video on their YouTube Channel or more information about the benefit year end and what to expect from the process.

If you have any questions that are not answered above, or are not answered on the linked websites, please contact my District Office where staff will work to help you.

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