Help Your Community Engage

Now is the time for you to help reimagine the entire Los Angeles River as an environmental resource for all of Los Angeles County.  Help make the River a community resource for parks and green space.

As the Working Group gets underway, they will get support and assistance from technical advisors and stakeholders.  Through the leadership of Supervisor Hilda Solis, the County of Los Angeles has agreed to organize and support LA River advocates and experts in advising the Working Group.  Supervisor Solis and Assemblymember Rendon appreciate that the work of the advocates and experts will require a significant time commitment.

Development of the Lower River Revitalization Plan will need the support and engagement of all the communities in the Los Angeles River watershed.  The County plans to update its Master Plan, based in part on the Working Group’s ideas.  Planning also will draw on the work of world-renowned architect Frank Gehry, whose ideas and information provide a foundation for revitalization of the entire Los Angeles River.