In 1996, the County of Los Angeles adopted a “Los Angeles River Master Plan” for the entire Los Angeles River (the River).  In 2007, the City of Los Angeles completed a “revitalization plan” for the Upper LA River within the City’s boundaries.  (The City completed its revitalization plan in 18 months, after spending $3 million.)  After 20 years, the County plans to update its Master Plan, and draw on the work of the Lower LA River Working Group.

State funding for revitalizing the Los Angeles River is available from the 2014 California Water Bond, which included $100 million for the River.  The bond authorized funding for both the Upper River and the Lower River.  The 2015-16 State Budget did not appropriate any of this water bond funding, so the Assembly Budget Committee recently proposed a 50-50 split between the Lower and the Upper River for revitalization.